Početkom januara je odobren Erazmus + projekat nastao iz saradnje Kancelarije za mlade Čačak, odnosno Grada Čačka i opštine iz Ankare, a koji će omogućiti mladima da se besplatno usavršavaju i uče o konkretnoj oblasti koja je tema projekta.

Ko može da se prijavi? Mladi od 18-25 godina

Rok za prijavu: 05.02.2018.

Kako se prijaviti: Motivaciono pismo sa osnovnim podacima (ime, prezime, datum rođenja, škola/fakultet, broj telefona i adresa) poslati na e-adresu kzm.cacak.ler@gmail.com sa naslovom „Prijava za E+ projekat“

Neophodni preduslovi: engleski jezik (srednji nivo), posedujete pasoš, niste do sada učestvovali u Erazmus + programu, zanima vas tema zaštite životne sredine

Troškovi: svi troškovi pokriveni – smeštaj i hrana su obezbeđeni od strane nosioca projekta; karta se refundira u vrednosti do 275 evra

Ko sve učestvuje: 36 mladih iz Turske, Srbije, Makedonije, BiH, Španije i Albanije, tj. četvoro mladih iz Srbije i tim lider.

*Obzirom da je preduslov znanje engleskog jezika, detaljan opis projekta se nalazi ispod na pomenutom jeziku.

Project Description

In recent years, environmental problems, as one of the most important issues in almost every country in the world, have acquired international dimensions as a result of globalization.

The environmental problems, being a highly disputed issue in both domestic and international arena, are still waiting for solutions including economic, social and political dimensions. The main approach to solve this problem is to encourage people to be more sensitive about the environment, to be closely interested in environmental events and to be in search of solution about the environmental problems.

The basic purpose of our project called “Make The World Green” is to increase the awareness of the society for environmental problems and to encourage especially the young people to be more productive in this attempt by making cooperation in this field. The young people who are the most dynamic element of the society are in the focus of this attempt.

In this framework, the project will be held in Ankara between the dates of 2-8 Nisan 2018 with the participation of 36 young from Albenia, Bulgaria, Makedonia, Serbia, Spain, Bosnia Herzegovinia and Turkey.

Participants Profile

Planned participation is for 4 young and 1 group leader per country. While specifying the participants profile the below principles will be considered:

– particapants are 18-25 years old,

– highly motivated young for enviromental activities

– The active involvement of eager, teamwork skills,

– young will provide significant contribution to the project,

– participated in environmental activities,

– at least half of the participants will be young who has not any previous benefit from the EU Programs and who has a socio-economic and geographical disadvantage.

Main Activities

The main activities of the project are:

– Energisers, morning sports and other exercises for motivation,

– Introduction to the Project and information for Erasmus+ Program, particularly Youth Program and Youthpass,

– Information about environmental problems, cinevision, animation etc,

– Every evening, culture nights of participant countries and evaluation meetings with the group leaders,

– Preparing Let’s Move!!! Campaign. Preparing slogan in native language of the participants, video shoot activity,

– Pets park visit

– Small trips to Botanic and Seymenler Parks, Gümüşdere Lime Valley

– Planting tree activities by the participation of Environmental Flowers Volunteers

– Workshop for preparing pets feeding plate by recycling materials

– Presentation by an expert of Ministry of Environment: “Zero Waste Project” and “Environmental Problems of Turkey”.

– Kartaltepe Kite Festival, bush walk and picnic.

– A Study trip to Sincan Solid Waste Landfill Facility

– Evaluation of Project outcomes, polls and planning for further cooperations,

– Cultural visit to Ankara,

– Preparing Flash Mob

Big Show: “Make The World Green Big Show” A final Show in public. Exhibition of participating countries famous places miniature prepared by recyling materials. In front of Keçioren Municipality or Botanic Park. The group leaders of each country will specify famous places or something miniature figure prepared design by recyling materials. We will organize recyling material. Please inform me about any symbol representing your country. Instance, Bosnia-Mostar Bridge, Spain- La Sagra da familia


The method that we will follow in the project is the non-formal learning which increasingly gains importance in the life of young. As it is known that one of the main target of EU is to support the non-formal and informal learning in the field of youth.

In this framework with this methodology young will learn more by using practical tools that provide them an environment close to the real life problems, experiences, observations etc.

Young will gain not only how to fight with obesity or having a sportive lifestyle but also

– Self-autonomy,
– Critical thinking,
– Curiosity and obviousness,
– Creativeness and social development,
– Communication capacity,
– Active involvement,
– Solidarity and team spirit,
– Responsibility,
– Conflict resolution,
– Respect and tolerance,
– Human rights,
– Intercultural dialog,
– Peaceful training,
– Gender equality,
– Information on the lifestyle and culture of young from different European countries,
– Diversity as a means of learning.

Sharing these gains with their social environment and society as a whole will enlarge the impact area of the project.

Travel Cost

Travel costs of Erasmus+ Programme are based on the distance band. The distance bands are organised according to travel distances. More payment for more distance. The maximum travel cost (including local transfers) are listed below. So be careful that any amount exceeding these amounts will not be paid.

The travel payments will be held in Ankara, by cash; against invoice or tickets and boarding passes. So please bring with you invoice or tickets and boarding passes.

Meals and Accommodation

The Royal Carine Hotel is arranged for accomodation. It is a four star hotel that locates in the old city center. So you will have opportunity to visit old city and historical places.

You will be accomodated in 2 or 3 person rooms. Safe box, hair drier, kettle is available in all rooms. Internet will be available in the whole accommodation place. For more information please visit http://www.royalcarine.com/

Breakfast will be served in the hotel. Some of the lunches will be served in the municipality. Some others and dinners in a restaurant outside of the hotel.

Coffee breaks will be served in the meeting room of municipality as well.


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